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    Twitter: @shootitlive


Roles and Capabilities

Someone with access to the administration features controlling the entire account.
Editor & Photographer
Somebody who can manage, publish and create projects as well as create users and upload media with a DSLR camera.
Somebody who can publish and manage projects as well as manage users.
Somebody who can only manage their profile and upload media with a DSLR camera.

  • Assigning photographers
  • In every project there is a list of available photographers. Every photographer has a unique FTP address to connect a DSLR camera. When a photographer gets assignad to a project his media feed is redirected to that specific project (and the photographer gets notified by email). This way the photographer only need to set his camera once.

  • Upload media by email
  • All photographer has a unique email address associated with their account. To accitvate it visit settings, and choose if media files uploaded by email should be published instatnly or wait for approval.

  • Upload large files (>100 MB)
  • Shootitlive supports files up to 500 MB when uploading using the web browser. However when uploading large media files, we recommend using FTP. If you are in doubt about which ftp client is most suitable we recommend Filezilla.

    Ftp adress:
    Username: your username
    Password: your password

  • Accepted file formats and compressing guidlines:
  • Images: jpg, jpeg, gif, png
    Video: avi, mp4, m4v, wmv, mov, flv, f4v, mpg, mpeg
    Audio: mp3, ogg, m4a, vma, wav, fla, aif

    For best video results, we recommend using H.264 (sometimes referred to as MP4). Video codec is the format in which your video will be encoded. Different codecs have different features and varying quality.

  • Can I delete media?
  • Yes, you can delete media files by selecting them in the checkbox and click the delete button.

  • Can I publish the Mediaplayer on several websites?
  • Yes, you can publish the mediaplayer on as many websites as you like.

  • Can I share media files (social media distribution)?
  • Shootitlive makes it easy to share photos, videos and audio to Facebook and Twitter.

  • Is there a limit to how many media files a project can hold?
  • By default a project can hold 500 media files (photos, videos, audios). If you upload more than 500 media files, Shootitlive will start to delete the oldest files in the project. If you need to recover any auto deleted medias, please email us at


  • Watch the video to learn about the most important features in Shootitlive 2.0.

    Live-published photos and videos via Shootitlive

  • Live publish and moderate Instagram videos and photos

  • Every photographer has a unique FTP address with a personal username and password. To be able to connect a DSLR camera the photographer needs to be assigned to a project. To assign a photographer to a project simply select him/her in the project dropdown menu.

    Canon WFT

    Live-published photos and videos via Shootitlive

    Nikon WT-4

    Live-published photos and videos via Shootitlive

  • Email notifications or slack notifications for new medias in a specific project.
    See below for slack-webhooks and default notifications.

    Enable notifications for a project
    When looking at a project (thats where you assign photographers, see the grid of media files and where you get the embedcode) you click on the menu below Embed called Settings and you can enter an email or a slack webhook and slack channel as pictured below. Choose to receive notifications for images or videos. When both are uncheced, notifications for this project is disabled.

    notification project settings
    notification project settings
    To enable slack notifications you need be a slack-admin for your workspace, if not ask a collegue to set this up for you. It only takes 40 secs.

    1) Head over to
    2) Click Add configuration
    3) Choose your slack channel to post to. From Shootitlive you can later change to another channel.
    4) Now you got your slack-webhook and are good to go.
    Default notification settings
    When looking at your profile (or for anoher user) youll see if you got a default notification or not.
    Default notifications enable you to just have to tick in photos or videos for a project to enable notifications without having to remember that complicated slack webhook.

    In the settings menu (dropdown from your user-iconm, right top) you can enter email or slack-webhook and slack-channel and click save. If you're not admin in Shootitlive the input files will be readonly and the save button is missing. Ask an admin-collegue for help to enable or shoot us an email
    default notification settings admin

  • Shootitlive provides an easy yet powerful solution to let your visitors send videos, audios and images. We’re providing two options to get started with crowdsourcing: the out-of-the-box solution and the app-integration solution.

    This is for newspapers that want to use email or mms as the channel for its readers to send files. You will continue to use your already known email or mms number (e.g. It’s super simple and you can be up and running in 5 minutes.

    Create a crowdsource user
    You simply create a new user and select “Crowdsource” as group and a secret word for the email address. You then forward your email address (e.g. to the listed crowdsource email address. This is done one time.

    create a crowdsource user

    Hook up the crowdsource feed
    The final step is to assign the crowdsource user to a project that you publish on your site. This could be a specific project that you will use for crowdsourced content for a long period (e.g. project “Reader content” or similar). Or this could be for a event specific project (e.g. “Madonna concert”). When creating a new project you simply reassign the crowdsource user to the new project to redirect the feed.

    One click to approve
    Whenever a corwdsource media gets uploaded to your project, an email is sent to your admins emails to let you know you have news unapproved content waiting for your one-click approval.

    When previewing a crowdsourced image, audio or video you’ll find the email address to the photographer (e.g. email address). You can mix files uploaded from your own photographer(s) and files uploaded by your visitors just by assigning them to the same project. While your photographer’s files will be enabled by default, crowdsourced files need a one-click-approval.

    One click to a approve
    Crowdsource your app
    Let your visitors upload media files from your app. You can display tasks to encourage your app users to upload photos and video clips to specific events.

    By utilizing the Shootitlive API your app can list all created crowdsource projects and let your app users upload images, audios and videos with a click of a button. You then decide what crowdsourced files to publish on your site with one-click-to-approve, similar to the out-of- the-box solution pictured above.

    The name of the crowdsource projects will show up in your app and you can use creative names such as “Madonna concert videos, published videos will be rewarded with €30”.

    Please see our API documentation.


  • Shootitlive API v0.8 (121121)

  • With the Shootitlive API you can list projects that you created and upload files to a specific project using HTTP or FTP. By accessing the media endpoint you can retrieve information for every media file you or any other user uploaded to Shootitlive and the direct link to every single variant. You can build your own media player or just parse out information by accessing the jsonp playlists.

    The API is used by image archive systems such as Openstore so its users can send files to Shootitlive with one click. CMS plugins use the API to list all available Shootitlive projects and to make the player embed simplified. Click here for information on how to create a plugin to simplify the embedding.

    The API is also in use by mobile apps for crowdsourcing where every created Crowdsource project shows up in the app as a task, where users can upload photos, videos and audio clips straight from the app to the specific crowdsource project. You then click to approve the crowdsourced media files to push them to the Shootitlive player embedded on your site.

    RESPONSE: json or jsonp (if callback is provided)
    Test with GET:

    client: (Shootitlive client account/organization)
    token: (your API key)
    limit: 40 (optional param to limit returned projects, default list your 70 latest created projects)
    callback: xx (optional param to get a jsonp response)

    upload: http/ftp (return url to upload files using http post OR upload=ftp to get ftp settings)
    crowdsource: true/false (optional param to only request projects that currently have a crowdsource user assigned)
    playlist: true/false (optional param to include the playlist URL in response)
    project: xx (optional param to request one specific project regardless of limit param)
    include: user,media,poster,photographer (comma seperated list of options. 'media' will include number of media files, 'poster' will return a poster image (in different sizes), 'user' will include user info for the creator and 'photographer' will return name for every active photographer per project)
    (embed params)
    ads: true/false (will hide banner and preroll if they are shown)
    thumbnails: true/false (display or hide thumbnails below the player)

    user: (Instead of using client/token, you can list media for a specific user (e.g. ?user=username))
    project: xx (optional param to request one specific project regardless of limit param)
    type: image/video/audio (optional param to limit files)
    embed: true/false (optional param to include single embed code for every media file)
    share: true/false (optional param to display share button in single embed for every media file)
    fullscreen: true/false (optional param to display fullscreen button in single embed for every media file)
    playlist: true/false (will return a valid silp playlist, that can be polled by the Shootilive Player using its param pl_url=

    client: your client name
    project: project number
    token: your api-key. Optional, but token or ftp_password need to be provied
    ftp_password: your ftp_password for the project you specified. Optional, but token or ftp_password need to be provied
    byline: name of photographer
    caption: caption text

    Upload with jQuery File Upload
    Head over to

    Upload with curl (example with the file html5.jpg that is in the same directory where you executing this)
    curl -v -i -F name=html5.jpg -F filedata=@html5.jpg -F client=martin -F project=1 -F ftp_password=0Z0hzg6CcOF8S1 ''

    You will get a response containing your latest 70 projects with name of description, created date, category and creator. You can get more or less projects by using the "limit" param. {"description":"hockey","created":"2012-03-21","category":"News","creator":test-user}
    When adding upload=http in the request you also will get "upload-url" and if you provide upload=ftp you will get "ftp-address", "ftp-user" and "ftp-pw"


    Uploaded files: Files being uploaded to a project (via http, email or ftp) is almost immediately removed from the incoming ftp directory and pushed to feed.

    Playlists: Playlists URL is requested by adding the param playlist=true. The playlists are constructed like where you change YOURCLIENT to your organizations Shootitlive username and YOURPROJECTNUMBER to the number of the project. The playlist file is updated as soon as your upload new media files, delete, rearrange or add/edit captions or byline. The playlist is in jsonp format and contains variants in different sizes of your media file together with date, byline and caption.

    API KEY: Send us an email and we will activate API access and provide you with your API Key

    API: The API will change over time and be RESTful. We will release more and more functions accessible through the API. Please contact us if you request any specific feature and we will re-prioritize the order in which we release the functions.

    API Changelog
    v0.8 121121:
    New params:
    share (media endpoint: true/false displaying share button in single embed for every media file)
    fullscreen (media endpoint: true/false displaying fullscreen button in single embed for every media file)
    include (project endpoint: user, media, poster, photographer)

    v0.7 120930:
    New params:
    embed (media endpoint: include single embed code for every media file)

    v0.6 120925:
    New endpoint
    New params:
    user (media endpoint: list media for a specific user)
    playlist (media endpoint: response as a valid Shootitlive Player playlist format)
    type (media endpoint: only list a specific type of media)
    include (project endpoint: user, media, poster)

    v0.5 120507:
    New API base url:

    v0.4 120421:
    Added params:
    project (to request a specific project)